Text and Button elements are made much more flexible by the possibility of including variables in them. Variables are tokens (starting and ending with $) which are replaced by the value they represent when the text is actually displayed on the home screen.

As an example, $HOUR24$ is replaced with the current hour on the 24-hour clock. The text The time is: $HOUR24$:$MINUTE$ might become The time is: 12:23.

Texts containing variables are automatically updated when the variable value changes.

Zoom contains a limited set of variables, consider installing Tasker to be able to set your Zoom texts from over 75 others such as the last caller/SMS name, nearby wifi networks, current location etc.

Specific Variable Notes

Battery Percent

To conserve battery, this variable is only updated once every ten minutes. If the current level is less than 10% or greater than 90% it's checked every 2 minutes.

Tasker Variables

Tasker variables are not replaced directly by Zoom and vice-versa. However, you can use Tasker to set a text element containing any variables with the Element Text action in the Zoom category.

Example: $HOUR24$:$MINUTE$: CellID: %CELLID

When Tasker sets the element text, it will replace %CELLID with the current cell tower ID. After that, Zoom will replace $HOURS24$ and $MINUTE$ before displaying the final result.

Note that Zoom will continue to update $HOURS24$ and $MINUTE$ as the time changes, but whatever replaced %CELLID will remain until Tasker again updates the element text.