Simple Elements

Simple elements are the main 'functional' parts of widgets which can be changed by other applications and can perform actions when clicked. Up to 40 elements can be contained in each widget.

They are given names so that they can be identified within their widget.

There are currently 6 different basic types of simple element: Button, Image, Text, Doodle, Oval, Rectangle each with different visual and content properties.

Button and Image elements light up with an orange background when clicked on the homescreen, you may wish to make sure that the element does not fill all of its frame so that the click is visible.


Switchers are made up of several simple elements (states), only one of which is active and showing its content at a particular time. Switching between the states can currently only be done by Tasker sending the element a command.

Usually the simple elements making up a Switcher will be of the same type (e.g for an image slideshow) but that's not compulsory.

When you change the attributes (colour etc) of a Switcher element, the changes will be overridden next time the state of the Switcher changes.


AutoSwitchers are similar to Switchers but each state has a condition which determines when it should be active.

The only exception is the first, default state which is active whenever none of the other states has its condition met.

Note that Tasker can be used to change the active state of an AutoSwitcher but that setting will be overridden when the underlying condition is set again e.g. when the state of Wifi changes.