Text Elements

Text elements allow display of... text from various sources and in various formats.


User Text
The user specifies a static text directly in the Zoom UI. Variables in the text are replaced.
Local File
A file on the local SD card. If the file changes, the text element is automatically updated. Warning: if the file is deleted and then recreated, the text element will not notice the update until the widget is next refreshed e.g. after editing it in the Zoom UI.

Variables are not replaced.

Remote File
A file retrieved from a webserver via HTTP. The file is cached on the local SD card and only re-downloaded when it changes. The user can specify the frequency to recheck at the server whether the file has changed.

Variables are not replaced.

Note: if Background Data is disabled in Android Settings, remote files will not be checked.


Specify HTML if the text is formatted with HTML (unless you wish to view the markup...). Only simple textual HTML will be parsed e.g. <P>, <B>. Links are unfortunately not clickable due to an Android bug.


Texts don't have a builti-in background, but it's easy to put another element (e.g. shape, image or doodle) behind them.

Create the background element and position it over the text element. Then long-click on the background and select Set Depth to move the background behind the text.