Create A Widget

There are two ways to create a brand-new widget:


  1. long-click on a space on the home screen big enough for the widget you want to create.
  2. Select Widget
  3. select a Zoom entry with the correct cell dimensions for the widget you want to create
  4. select New to create a new widget from scratch
  5. edit your widget design
  6. Done!

This method has the disadvantage that you can't reuse the widget design, back it up etc

Via a Template

  1. go to the Zoom UI (click on its homescreen icon)
  2. click the + button when in the left tab
  3. edit your template
  4. click Done on the main screen
  5. follow the Direct instructions above, but instead of clicking +, select the name of the template you created

You can create as many widgets as you want from the template by repeating the last step.

Note: you can only select templates which match the cell dimensions of the widget you are creating on the homescreen.