The Basics


Here are some concepts you should know before using Zoom.


Zoom widgets are usually created from templates so that:

The Template tab in the main screen shows all templates that you have previously created.

If you like to get stuck-in straight away, you can go straight to the homescreen and create brand-new widgets from there and later create a template from the widget.

Active Widgets

The right tab in the main screen shows active widgets i.e. those which are actually installed on your homescreen somewhere.

Each entry reflects the details of a single widget currently installed on your homescreen. Any changes you make are reflected on the homescreen as soon as you finish editing it.


Widgets in Android have their size specified by the number of cells they occupy. The standard homescreen is 4 cells across and 4 cells down so Zoom allows you to create widgets of any size from 1x1 to 4x4.


Each widget can contain a number of elements of several different types. They are the functional parts of the widget, which can be clicked and have their attributes changed.

You can position, size and layer the elements however you like.

Here is a page which describes elements in more detail.