Each element can have an action assigned to take place when the element is clicked on the home screen. The action is specified at the bottom of the element configuration dialog.

Only Button elements have a default action, which is Broadcast Click.


Turn the bluetooth adapter on or off, or toggle it (change to the opposite of the current state).

Broadcast Click

A message is broadcast to the system specifying the name of the widget and element that was clicked. Other applications can respond to this broadcast if they are compatible. If you wish another application to respond to these broadcasts, point the developer at

Edit This Widget

This is a useful action when during design of a complicated widget. It starts the Zoom widget editor with the current widget already loaded, so you can switch back and forth quickly between the editor and the homescreen.

Launch App

Starts the selected application.

Set Element Attribute

Change an attribute of an element in the same widget as this one (e.g. its height).


Any homescreen shortcut action which is available. The available shortcuts depend on which apps are installed on the device.

Tasker Task

Runs the selected Tasker task that you have previously created in the Tasker UI.


Turn wifi on or off, or toggle it (change to the opposite of the current state).