Ordering / Validation FAQ


Android Market Version

Direct-Purchase Version


How much is it ?

It's GBP 1.49 (around $2) although the price may vary per-currency on Android Market.

Is there a trial period ?

Direct-Purchase version offers a 7 day trial period before any payment is necessary, and you can purchase the Direct-Purchase or Market version (delete the trial first for the Market version) when it expires.

If you feel that 7 days isn't long enough to evaluate Zoom, you can just delete it and reinstall to start a new trial.

Should I buy the Android Market version or the Direct-Purchase version ?

The two versions are nearly identical. The Android Market version has the advantages:

The Direct-Purchase version has the advantages:

What is Validation ?

Validation is the process of confirming that the Zoom app running on your device has been purchased (not pirated).

Direct-Purchase versions need a key to do this, Android Market versions can do it without a key by talking to the Android Market servers.

Zoom will attempt to validate automatically without bothering you. If it hasn't managed after a few days, it will ask you to attempt it manually.

Isn't this validation business evil DRM ?

Only in the very loosest sense.

It's a one-time check (per install-life of the app) that the app has actualLy been paid for. There is no limitation at any time of your 'Digital Rights'. The app is not in regular contact with some shady server somewhere and monitoring or controlling your usage.

How long do I have in order to validate Zoom ?

7 days from the time of installation.

Do I need to pay for updates ?

No, all updates are free.

Which version is compatible with my Tasker version ? Any Tasker version will work with any Zoom version.

Where can I ask questions ?

There is a contact email in the application under Menu / Info / Support

Android Market Version

Can I switch to the Direct-Purchase version ?

If you get an error 'unknown order code' or similar, you will need to contact the develeloper to make sure the order code has been properly setup (include the order code in your email!)

My card isn't accepted for payment, what can I do ?

This could be because Zoom is listed in GBP (Google won't allow a listing in $ for a non-US developer). Sometimes you just need to contact your credit-card company and ask them to authorize international purchases.

You could also try the Direct-Purchase version, which lets you pay via Paypal if that helps (you can then pay in $US with your credit-card, or use your paypal balance / eCheque).

Be sure to have a look at the differences between the two versions first.

What can I do about other downloading/authorizing/installing issues ?

Problems with download e.g. 'authorizing purchase', and payment are always the result of a problem within Android Market and/or Google Checkout (the market payment processor). A developer has no control over these issues.

You could try first:

  1. go to Android's App Management screen (Menu / Settings / Applications / Manage Applications), select Running, click on Market, click Clear Data
  2. repeat for the Download Manager application
  3. reboot the phone

Some problems can be fixed by simply cancelling the order (within 24 hours or purchase) and trying again with a new purchase, though that might mean you can't cancel the 2nd purchase if you don't like the product.

Finally, please refer to Google's Android Market Support service. There's a specific page on resolving download problems and many relevant posts on Downloading, Authorizing and Installing.

If you find it's not possible to install via Market, you could try the Direct-Purchase Version.

What if I have to reinstall Zoom from scratch ?

If you have a completely new device, you should be able to download Zoom again without paying if you use the same Google account with the new device.

Direct-Purchase Version

How do I pay ?

In the Zoom application, go to Menu / More / Order Validation and click Buy Code.

You will pay for an item called 'Zoom Code XXXXXXXXXX'. That code will be automatically filled into the validation screen in Zoom.

You will not receive any special email from the developer, since you already know what your code is (and will receive confirmation from paypal/checkout).

Can I buy a code from my PC ?

Yes, click here. You'll pay for a randomly generated code.

Once you've bought the code, just put it into your Zoom app at Menu / More Order Validation. Don't press the Buy Code button, just put the one you bought with your PC in there and then press Validate.

Where is the email with my validation code ?

There's no need for an extra email, the item you purchased is the code you use to validate Zoom, it will be described as 'Zoom Code XX1XX1XX1XX1'.

If you purchased on the phone, you should find it already in the box at Menu / More / Order Validation.

Otherwise you can find it in the email purchase confirmation you receive from Paypal or Checkout.

Can I validate 'offline' ?

Currently that's not possible, sorry.

Will I be notified of updates ?

Yes, the Direct-Purchase version has it's own version checking mechanism. You can set the frequency of update checks in Menu / Prefs / Update Check Frequency.

What if I have to reinstall Zoom from scratch ?

Zoom should should revalidate itself automatically (with an Internet connection). It should be able to retrieve the order code from SD.

Is Zoom transferrable to other devices ?

Each order code is valid for one device at one time. If you know you are moving to a new device, you can 'release' your order code via Menu / More / Order Validation / Release Code. The code will then be free to be entered in Zoom on your new device.

What if I lose my phone, it's stolen or I forget to release my key ?

In that case, the order code can only be bound to a new device by
contacting the developer.

And what if I upgrade my ROM ?

It's unlikely that a change of ROM will change the Device ID. Just in case, you may wish to temporarily release your code via Menu / More / Order Validation / Release Code, and then revalidate after the upgrade.

If you had an SD card in the device when you validated, Zoom should have remembered and restored your key the first time you start the UI after the ROM change.

What information does Zoom send during validation ?

Order code, Device ID, Zoom Version, Android version.

How do I install the Direct-Purchase version ?

Please see the
Download / Install page.

I've lost my purchase email, how can I validate ?

You should always be able to find your order code from your Paypal or Checkout account. If you paid via the Market and don't have a checkout account, please write to the email given in Menu / Info / User Support with your postcode so the developer can locate the order.

I get 'The server reports an internal error' when validating, what can I do ?

The most likely cause of this error is a 'proxy' server in-between Zoom and the valiadation/market server. It's probably not actually the validation server returning the error.

Several users have gotten around this by using a wifi connection to validate instead of a Mobile Data connection.