Drag-and-Drop Widget Designer for Android 2.2+

  • 20121008 v1.0.4 published, Zoom is now free with no adverts
How To Get It

Download from this website or Android Market.

What Is It ?

Zoom is a free (and ad-free) application which lets you design your own homescreen widgets and make them do whatever you want.

You can position, size and overlay elements in the drag-and-drop editor. There are two views: full-zoom for easier editing, actual-size for previewing.

Choose from 5 element types:

  • button: standard Android button
  • image: an app icon, Ipack icon, photo from SD or auto-updated website image
  • doodle: create your own mini-masterpieces for use in your widgets
  • text: specified directly, or auto-updated website text/HTML document
  • oval, rectangle: shapes with cool shading to act as backdrops for other elements.

Combine multiple elements into one and switch between them automatically based on condition-matching (battery level, time etc).

Assign a click action to any element: Launch App, Shortcut, Setting Dialog, BT, Wifi, Edit Widget, Change Element, Tasker Task (Tasker has more than 190 available actions).